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Practice Speaking English Online

English Classes with native teachers from the United Kingdom and the United States

English · Made · Easy

Practice speaking English online with our friendly experienced teachers. We have a team of dedicated British and American English teachers living in Girona and Barcelona with years of experience teaching all levels from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced English to Business English.


Our Online English Classes and English Courses were created out of passion and years of experience teaching English in Catalunia and Spain therefore we understand the difficulties and needs of our students and only use the best-proven methods to make the English language enjoyable and easy to learn and understand.

When you join Class 21 you will have Grammar, exercises, Listening activities, and Speaking practice with a qualified teacher in a private class or a group. As teachers, we have a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making English very easy to understand so you can speak naturally and confidently. 

At the heart of everything that we do is our commitment to simplify our lessons focusing on our students’ success. We invite you all to explore our diverse offering of well-designed English Classes.

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