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English Courses

Studying Online

Speaking Practice 

Interesting topics and interactive exercises to keep you engaged. 

Team Meeting

Business English

 Grow your business or career through language. Learn how to use business vocabulary effectively. 

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Private Classes

Gain confidence and learn to speak English without translating.   

Business Meeting

Group Classes

Have interactive conversations in English in a small intimate group. Make friends, role play and have fun.

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Join our English courses and start making improvements on all aspects of spoken English.

Our lessons and course material include:

  • Grammar and new vocabulary

  • Short writing exercises 

  • Listening to different native accents 

  • Speaking practice with your teacher

We have classes designed to help you become a fluent English speaker, so English becomes easy for you to comprehend, to understand, and to speak without translation from your own language.     



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We have a great range of Business English classes designed to help professional working people develop the practical English skills they need for the business world. 

Here are some of the topics we cover in our Business classes:

  • Business Meetings 

  • Business Presentations

  • Business Finance  

  • Business Proposal and Business Pitches

Our experienced Business English teachers always provide valuable individual feedback on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. We will monitor your progress and will give you feedback on each lesson.    


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Come practice English in a virtual classroom with students on your level guided by a professional native teacher.

Here are some highlights from our English group classes:  

  • Travel and Events discussions

  • Roleplay and group discussions

  • Listening to different native accents 

  • English Speaking practice with your teacher

We usually have 2-5 students per group and your teacher will organise the lesson and will make sure you are put in a group with students  



Effective Communication Course that focuses on boosting your Confidence

Highlights of our private classes include:

  • Learning to use dependent clauses and independent clauses

  • Verb usages and how to remember to use the correct timeline 

  • How to learn English Prepositions the easy way  

  • Speaking practice using common phrases 

Our native teachers will help and support you to identify barriers to effective communication, and highlight areas of improvement, coach you and give you the tools you need to grow and develop into a consistently great communicator.


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