English Speaking Classes

Do you want to practice speaking English with a native teacher online?

We have interactive classes designed for students from all levels of English from absolutely beginners A1-A2, intermediate level B1 - Upper Intermediate B2 level. Our user-friendly platform has all the learning material you need to improve your communication skills.

On our platform, we have interesting topics from everyday common topics like traveling, shopping, greetings, expressions, and idioms to formal business English classes. All you need to get started is a good internet connection, a good set of headphones, and make time for the classes and we will help you with the rest.

In our speaking classes, we have several discussion topics, you and your dedicated native teacher will practice speaking using relevant language and vocabulary. The teacher will carefully listen to you and correct your grammar as well as your pronunciation. Your communication will be guided so that you will learn the common way to start your sentences using basic to advanced sentences.

We will teach you how to use independent clauses and dependent clauses correctly. We will practice speaking English naturally, how to ask and respond to questions correctly. We know some grammatical structures are challenging so we will simplify concepts so you will remember them when you speak. Gradually you will learn how to speak English naturally without translation in your head.

You will learn to speak more naturally, effectively using the language that natives use. We will also do pronunciation exercises for using the most difficult letters, sounds and words.

English Listening Classes

During the classes, we will play audio recordings of native conversations so you can learn how to listen to important information. You will do listening exercises, and the teacher will check your understanding and will also help with clarifying the meaning and will give you examples to make sure you understand the language used much better. We will also show you the transcript, so you can write some notes whenever you need to.

English Topics Covered in the Classes

Life in the UK English Class

As one of our popular lessons on British culture and vocabulary, in this class, we will discuss what life is like living in the UK using images and vocabulary to guide you and encourage you to speak effortlessly. We discuss common and popular topics from typical British food, British culture, landmarks, and traditions. We will also teach you common used British vocabulary, phrases and idioms, and expressions.

English Grammar Classes

You will do the class on Zoom conference and you will have access to our learning platform. You will be provided with your personal login details. All of the lessons will be shared via email before each class. The classes are interactive so you will be able to speak, type, and chat with the teacher whether you’re doing a group class or in a private lesson.

Our English grammar classes are unique because you will mainly be speaking with the teacher as you learn the correct grammatical structures from using all grammatical forms the subject, verbs nouns, prepositions to time words. You will also practice speaking using common English phrasal verbs, advanced English prepositions, English idioms, and common English expressions.

If you need more exercises, homework is given after every class and you will have a week to complete it so your teacher can correct your work and give you feedback.

Business English Speaking Classes

Our Business English classes consist of formal and less formal business classes to help you excel in your job and become an effective confident English communicator.

We will also term you advanced English grammar, how to use propositions and phrasal verbs in business. Carefully explaining the meaning and usage of new vocabulary do you will understand not only the meaning but how to use specific terminology and English structure, from polite requests, suggestions, asking and responding to questions.

We can practice new technology computer language to writing an effective email, conducting a Business meeting in a role-play to practicing how to do a business presentation tailored to your industry and your role. Our goal is to put you first so we are here to support you and help you get successful in speaking English at an international level.

Interested in our Speaking classes?

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