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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever, we saw most schools shutting down across the world with over 1.4 Billion students out of the classroom. As we all know, education also changed dramatically.

On the positive side learning English online has got better since COVID-19. The technology has improved massively and the experience has also much better for both the students and teachers. With better internet connections and video conferencing software it is a lot easier to have an important business meeting and an effective class online than ever before.

We moved our classes online because we believe education should be offered to everyone regardless of the difficult time we all have been going through. We spent time designing a user-friendly learning platform with plenty of engaging exercises with videos, audio, speaking and writing exercises.

When you join Class 21 you will practise your English with an experienced native teacher. You will learn how to use the correct grammar in any content, new vocabulary, how to remember and use prepositions correctly. You can phrasal verbs, idioms and expressions practising at your own pace with the help and support of an experienced teacher.

English Classes

When you enrol in our English lessons, you will get access to our members-only learning platform. We will supply you with learning material to help you revise and study after every lesson. Every lesson comes with tailored homework, if you need extra homework ask your teacher and they will give you more assignments.

Our English lessons are held every week with an hour duration, you can join a Speaking Practice Private 1-2-1 Class, an English group class or English Business Class taught by a native teacher.

Why Class 21?

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a habit. We believe with 21 lessons you will be able to master the structure of the English grammar sentences, improve your pronunciation with practice you will feel more confident and start to enjoy speaking English without making a lot of embarrassing mistakes.

Our objective is to help you improve your English naturally so you will be able to communicate effectively whilst travelling, interviewing for a job, in business meetings or with friends Our class are designed to help you improve your writing and listening and speaking using proven methods but also in a fun and memorable way.

We give you the tools and teach you how to structure your sentences so you don't have to rely on translation from your mother tongue, we help you form your sentences easier from simple sentences to advanced sentences naturally.

Native Teachers

Most of our teachers are from the United Kingdom, USA, and Canada and they live in Catalunia and Spain so they have experience teaching Spanish and Catalan students of all levels from beginner, intermediate to advanced.

Whether you want to learn English online American or learn English online British we have a friendly team of teachers with experience teaching English in England, Canada, Catalunia, and Spain.

Start English classes today with Class21 click here to join!

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