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Practica conversación con profesor/a en inglés

English speaking practice online

​Practice English with an experienced and friendly native teacher.


Here is what you will learn in our English-speaking classes.

• New vocabulary, learn the common and natural way to speak. 
• Homework and lesson summary provided for every class. 
• Basic to more advanced English grammar. 
• Audio listening exercises with British, American, and Canadian native speakers during the class.
• Learn how to speak using correct verbs from simple to advanced verb tenses.
• British and American pronunciation exercises and corrections by your teacher.
• Master making correct English sentences using a memorable grammatical structure. 
• Learn basic to advance sentences you independent clauses, connectors, and dependent clauses.
• Learn the correct way to use English propositions and phrasal verbs. 
• Learn how to ask and reply to questions correctly. 
• Learn formal and informal vocabulary and practice in a live lesson with your teacher.
• Roleplay from greetings, traveling, using idioms and expressions, business terms, to giving instructions

• Start using better synonyms and specific words that fit the context.   


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